At the same time, this is due to a bad timber culture as a constructive element or to a still nascent luxury wooden alpine chalet for sale in france. Indeed, some myths unfounded hinder the final take off of bio-architecture and wooden chalets. In this article, we will dismantle some false myths circulating around wooden houses.


About fire resistance

Ignorance or confusion, fire is the main argument against the use of wood in construction. Well, what you need to know about this is that no type of building material is flame retardant. Another myth to deny is that the behavior of wood in front of fire is worse than that in other materials. This does not respond to reality, quite the opposite. The behavior of a wooden house is more resistant and stable than that obtained in constructions made of materials such as iron or concrete. The iron undergoes deformations from 450ºC. At this point, the structure collapses and collapses. If it is concrete, it can happen that the structure remains after a fire, but that it is totally useless and requires its demolition.

In addition, in the construction of wooden houses, coatings and insulators are used. It is also interesting to note that fire damage to the wooden structure will always be less from the point of view of repair, since it is usually sufficient to replace the affected area without having to act on other areas or, in extreme cases, resort to demolition.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the existence of legislation that establishes and regulates the constructive fact in wood and its relation to combustion, flame and fire.


On durability and constructive robustness

In northern European countries, it is common to find inhabited wooden houses with more than 200 years of existence. For example, in Finland, near the city of Petalax, there is a village of log houses dating back more than 800 years. This « age » is difficult to find in buildings with materials other than wood.

As a natural element, a series of risk factors are also natural. This is the case of solar rays, humidity, the environment, water, xylophagous insects or fungal attacks. Proper treatment and initial protection, followed by maintenance on the same line, will reduce the risk of deterioration of a wood structure to a level close to zero. The use of this type of product explains the longevity of many buildings that can be found all over the planet.



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